Wright Stuff Aircraft Dispatcher School

The Process - Aircraft Dispatch Training

Step 1: Reserve your seat by paying the $500 deposit.  This deposit is non-refundable (unless the class is canceled) but can be used for a later class if need be. This deposit will also give you access to the Wright Stuff Aircraft Dispatcher Manual and a BRAND NEW IPAD AND APPLE PENCIL which is yours to keep!

Step 2: Schedule your class dates with Wright Stuff. Remember classes are 100% mandatory. All class time is reported to the FAA. Any missed classes will have to be made up prior to taking the FAA Examination. Additional makeup time is $75 an hour paid directly to the instructor.

Step 3: Pay the remainder of the balance prior to the first day. All REQUIRED books will be available digitally on your very own iPad.  If you need hard copies or additional material please purchase prior to the start of class.

Step 4: Work your way through the program. You will receive a robust education on everything from the four forces of flight to CRJ-200 runway analysis.

Step 4: Take the Dispatch Written Examination prior to the completion of the training. This is an approximately $150 dollar test required by the FAA. You will pay the fee directly to the examination facility. You are required to get a 70% or better on this test.

Step 5: Complete all training to receive a sign off from Wright Stuff Aircraft Dispatch School in order to sit for the FAA practical examination. 

Step 6: Schedule an FAA practical examination within 90 days of receiving your sign off. This examination is approximately $450 and will be paid directly to the FAA examiner. 

Step 7: Begin your new career as an aircraft dispatcher. 

Things of Note

You have to be able to read, write and speak the English language in order to be a dispatcher

You must be 21 years of age to sit for the FAA examination

The class fee only includes the Wright Stuff Aircraft Dispatcher Manual, an iPad, and Apple Pencil which are yours to keep and the FAA required classroom time. All other material must be purchased by the student. 

Additional fees that will be paid by the student include the FAA written examination (~$150), FAA practical examination (~$450), and any additional books or supplies.