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Women in Dispatch 

May 13, 2019



There is a current push at many levels to increase the number of people being educated in STEM fields.  This is especially true when you look at women and underrepresented minorities. More and more industry, universities, and employers are looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds and STEM skill sets.  

As many in the industry know aviation has been a predominantly male endeavor for most of its existence. Women have not been represented in aviation at the same level as other industries. But that is not the case in aircraft dispatching. 

If one were to look at the stats regarding women in aviation we see some very interesting information. For instance, of the 633,000 plus pilots in the United States as of 2018, only about 7% are women.  Furthermore, about 4% of all ATP certificate holders are women. That equates to about 7,000 women who have achieved the highest level of pilot certification available form the FAA.

Now when we look at the aircraft dispatcher certificate numbers we see a much different story.  In total, there are about 21,000 dispatchers in the United States, of which 4,000 are women.  That means that approximately 18% of all aircraft dispatchers are women.  That is a significant difference compared to any other certificate that the FAA offers. 

Remember, the FAA considered the flight dispatcher certificate the highest level of certification without the ability to operate the aircraft.  Hence, why you need 200 hours of instruction and have to be 23 years old (just like an ATP certificate) to utilize the certificate.   

So if you are a STEM minded female who has an interest in aviation look into aircraft dispatcher training.  It is a great opportunity for anyone in aviation, but especially women....just look at the numbers!


Source: FAA U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics

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