Wright Stuff Aircraft Dispatcher School


DX Training Length 

May 29, 2019



At Wright Stuff Dispatch School we teach 200 hours of classroom training. Why? Because a dispatch certificate requires an extensive amount of aeronautical knowledge. This certificate is not something that one can teach in a few days.

Our philosophy is to give each student a robust and thorough educational experience. We do not let you teach yourself the fundamentals of dispatch and come sit for a week to learn flight planning. That is not dispatch training. That is a certificate mill.

So why does this matter to you as a potential student? Why not go the fastest way and get it done? Simple. When you get your certificate and get hired you will struggle in training. You will have a difficult time with so many fundamental aspects of the job.

Prepping for test taking is a common method in these one-week classes. You will receive information that will be on the test, but you are not trained to be a dispatcher. We, on the other hand, will teach you everything you need to know about dispatching and then some. You will be knowledgable within the industry. You will have an easier time in your initial training because you will have a better understanding of the process. In simple terms, you will be more than prepared.

We want you to be a successful dispatcher at Wright Stuff Dispatch. That might mean that we have to take more time and explain things in a bit more detail. But that is good. Preparation is a benchmark of a good dispatcher. It is about using all available resources. It is about being thoroughly familiar with available information. It is not a one-week crash course to get a certificate.

Do yourself a favor and learn how to be a dispatcher at Wright Stuff Dispatch. Your future employer will thank you.